Exercise Midnight Sun - Greenland 2008

Message from Brigadier D Hargreaves


It is now nearly two years since the idea of Exercise MIDNIGHT SUN was first floated Brig Hargreavespast me and I gave the go ahead for detailed planning to commence.  It was and remains a visionary idea which has required much hard work, sweat and not a few tears to turn into a reality.  At times it looked as though it would never come to pass, but we persevered and slowly all the pieces slotted into place. This would not have been possible without the dedication, commitment and support of a huge number of people: the Project Team in Ilford, support staff and advisors in HQ 5 Div and elsewhere, our major sponsors and partners in BT and many, many more.  I thank them all for getting us to the Start Line.


But that was the easy bit!  Now it’s up to you to deliver a truly sensational exercise and to make the most of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The challenges you will encounter – whether facing Force 8 gales in the Atlantic Ocean, paddling up an iceberg strewn fjord or conquering unconquered peaks – are enormous.  You will need all the skills you have learnt over the last few months to overcome them.  Your grit and determination will be challenged to the full, but I know you will not be found wanting.  You have received expert training and it will not fail you.


MIDNIGHT SUN was conceived as the biggest and most complex adventure training expedition ever undertaken for the TA.  It has developed in true partnership with BT and, in particular, the Emergency Response Team who are now such an integral and essential part of the exercise.  It is a most fitting and appropriate contribution to TA100 and shows Royal Signals at its very best.


I wish you all success in the weeks ahead.  My prayers go with you and I look forward to seeing you at Kangaamiut in 2 weeks time.


Certa Cito!

David Hargreaves