Exercise Midnight Sun - Greenland 2008

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More pictures will be added to the blogs and the gallery later today (28th August 08)


Welcome to the Mountaineering pages of Exercise Midnight Sun. The blogs from the groups in Greenland have been divided up and given their own pages. A menu on the right gives you links to each page and these are repeated below. Each blog has is laid out in reverse chronological order, allowing you to read the newest entry at the top of each page..


Current Blogs


Tassiusaq (TSQ) Group
19th August onwards


Kitty Kat Group
17th August 2008 onwards


Ice Camp Group
14th August onwards


Igimasaq (IGQ) Group

18th August onwards


Phase one Blogs


Christmast Tree (XMT) Group
7th - 15th August 2008


Igimasaq (IGQ) Group
6th - 15th August 2008


Ice Camp Group
6th - 14th August 2008