Exercise Midnight Sun - Greenland 2008

Tuesday 26th August


Date Tuesday 26 Aug, location heading for Tassi Bay.  Well here we are at the last part of the Kayakers exped.  As we head into Tassi bay with the feeling that all good things must come to an end, we look forward to the stories we can tell, of the deeds done, and being reunited with our loved ones.

Final dayFor our final flurry; as Pete reports in to sort out the admin, Chris, Steve, Bruce, Ian, and Sarah head out into the bay to catch fresh fish for our supper. Accompanied by Matt who has declared that as he doesn’t like food with “bits in”, he’ll collect yet more wood for our version of Greenlandic TV.

Chris being clever and using a mackerel line, no sooner touches the bottom than is pulling up three cod at the same time.  Not to be out done, Ian pulls up the biggest catch of the exped, a fantastic three foot long giant cod, and Steve provides another two for the pot.  Poor Bruce on his first attempt at fishing can only report of the one that got away, it was nearly on the deck when the hook came loose, but it was that...... big.

We Kayakers then entertained the Ramblers with our Greenlandic TV, fresh cod which was filleted by the now expert Ian and Tom, packaged by Sarah in piri-piry sauce and garlic, cooked by Matt over the open fire lit by Steve with a fire- steel. What a team the Kayaker are!  Collectively we thank John, Cath and Stew for making this exped happen and not forgetting Pete who stepped in as our instructor.